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The Cheat Sheet

A friendly reminder to all twentysomething’s starting out: In the world, you’re given a “cheat sheet.” It’s applicable to you and me, until we turn 21 years old. It starts with graduating high school and going to college where you study a major selected at 18 years old. Four years later you substitute your diploma for a steady job. These are “certain’s”… Read more →


Choices We Make

When you’re young, everything seems like the end of the world. The beautiful thing about an ending; though terribly unsettling at first, is our resilience to bounce back – to chase what we’re after. We truly believe nothing can get in our way. The ignorance of youth. We haven’t been exposed to enough rejections to wave the white flag and call… Read more →


Yeezy, Like Gen Zee

Hey guys, sorry for being away for so long; there has been a major restructure in what I call my personal life. But now I’m back now with full force, and hopefully you will enjoy the content that come with! Truth is, I’ve moved to another city and started a job I’m madly in love with. At the start, it… Read more →


Confessions of Change & Crowds

I have a confession to make. You know how everybody used to have their secret outlet to crawl into when life got bitter for their taste? They’d begin to draw, sing, write music… anything to distract them from the curve balls that sometimes come their way. Inspiration used to strike us, and we wouldn’t go looking for it through different portals… Read more →


The Afterlife of a Post It

There’s one moment in every soon-to-be postgrad’s journey where an epiphany is experienced, not a very good one, but you finally have a clue to which path you’re about to take. For those who are unfamiliar with the unknown, it’s rather easy to be selective about the future; to have schedules, plans and fabulous fantasies about what life will look… Read more →


Be in Fashion

To be in fashion you must live fashion. Collect things, see things, read things and link them altogether with fashion and how you want to live your life. Traveling is a cure for unknown maladies; find what you’re looking for in the abundance of wealth cultures have to offer. Notice the difference in fabrics and good tailoring. Study every aspect… Read more →


Where the Magic Happens

In the April issue of Vogue magazine, there was an article where a Vogue reporter interviewed Cara Delevigne about the drastic, unpredictable change in her career as a “rising star” actress. Cara was nonchalant about the matter, but clearly stated that models don’t have to walk only within the borders of their trails. Read more →


The Benchmark

As we get older we reflect on where we thought we’d be today, and where we actually are. We start wondering if we’re making all the right choices, or if we’re appreciating time enough to optimize it and make something great out of it. Expectations would begin to contradict themselves as we contemplate whether they’re realistic. Read more →


Live and Love the Now

Perhaps there’s more to those five little words than we might know. There comes a certain point in life where we find ourselves at a crossroad between what we ought to do and what we want to do. It’s not as easy when there are other people, responsibilities, and future plans to factor in. I guess that’s what makes a happy… Read more →


Something Blue, Something Lucky

“Those are my lucky earrings, every time I put them on something wonderful happens.” Well, let’s admit it, we all have a lucky sweater/bracelet/bra or something that has absolutely no magical powers whatsoever – unfortunately – but we can’t leave the house without it if we’re crossing our fingers for something good to happen that day. Read more →