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Paolo Nutini

Days like these deserve a good melody that replays in your head when you’re not thinking too much. Paolo Nutini gets everyone in a good mood, but this song takes the cake. I always imagine weakly nodding my head to every beat. His voice has a paradoxical effect, it’s intoxicating. Take the time to fall in love! Paolo Nutini – Scream… Read more →


Some songs have no particular meaning, but make you feel everything. When the electric chorus of this song comes on, I see fireworks on a dark summer night. This song has been one of my faves for quite a while – the fact they’re French is a bonus. Hope you enjoy listening to it! M83 – Midnight City Read more →

Michael Buble

After a weekend with no alarms, a few errands to run, and a lot of friends to see, the week begins with a Monday which is often seen as a drag. Say it isn’t so, my friends, because today the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day. Even Michael Buble agrees! Micheal Buble – It’s a Beautiful Day Read more →

If You’re Reading this it’s too Late

So even though I promised myself not to have a clichéd music selection, this song is too good not to share. I’m not a huge fan of Drake but this struck me as different. It’s from his album “if you’re reading this it’s too late” and it’s called Jungle. It’s definitely what qualifies Drake to be Drake, and everyone knows that too well.… Read more →

Spanish Days

This is for you lot who have peculiar, singular tastes. This is a rock song, and you might either like it or you might not. I say that if people can like Iggy Azalea then why not give this one a shot? Interestingly enough, this song was released this year. I’ve never explored such a recent song before! Let me know… Read more →

The Afters

This band is my new all-time favorite. It’s that kind of new but oh so old school kind of music. Amazing. I want to share the entire album with you girls because I can’t possibly pick a favorite. It just ain’t right. Besides, this is the ultimate pick-me-up band for music. Savor the rhythm and the beat and what it… Read more →


Today’s music centered around rock bands. One in particular: Foreigner. I’ve been listening to them all day. Foreigner is just what you need to get you through a working weekend. This one song though has been played one too many times: Foreigner – I Want to Know What Love is Read more →

Alt – J

This is a song that’s a little diverse for common tastes. It’s ironic how, in the video, it tries to combine an opinion of modernity and philosophy through a party. Alt-J’s opinion of today, maybe. Tessellate is basically three shapes that consist of squares, triangles or regular hexagons. What can become of them put together is an infinite number of… Read more →

Pretty in Pink

If we could summarize the only movies that matter, the ones directed by John Hughes would definitely be in the top 5. Pretty in pink is such fun to watch and is hilariously true when Duckie (Jon Cryer) mimics and dances to a song by Otis Redding called Try a Little Tenderness. His enthusiasm makes you want to jump and dance… Read more →