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An On-the-Hour Woman

In Vogue’s November issue of this year, the incredibly masterful Patrick Demarchelier snapped the most steadfast photographs of Karlie Kloss. Although “ensemble pieces” exhibits various personalities of a woman, one concept remained a common denominator: movement – whether kinetic or immobile, a woman’s impression would always alter. Read more →


The Element of Style

Although some philosophers would tell us to live our life fully, without any concern for the past or future; sometimes, living in the past would spice up our present. It’s also a whole lot of fun, because this mixture – of timelines and history – can result in what you’ve been looking for all along: style. Read more →


A Paradoxical Interlude to Fashion

There is a historical timeline in the fashion industry that keeps up with the changing environment, society and technology of the world. In earlier times, because fashion was not yet so crowded, designers like Yves Saint Laurent or Vivienne Westwood would introduce new concepts to society that were unusual and controversial given the lack of experience the world had with fashion –… Read more →


Tibi Fashion for Summer

Tibi is a contemporary womenswear and accessories brand. It’s my new favorite store because I’ve never seen a brand reflect the word ‘relaxed’ so accurately. The clothes are loose but don’t interject the way streaks of modern appear in the designs, through subtle uses of crop tops and v-lines. I selected a few Vacation Edits (pieces from archives), as Tibi’s site would label… Read more →


Sandy Liang – the Next ‘It’ Designer

Published by Vogue magazine as one of three major up and coming fashion designers this year, 23-year old Sandy Liang has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to her designs. With the obvious tomboyish outer layer as a denominator to every piece, Sandy Liang was able to combine what people don’t usually coordinate to create a single outfit. She creates the feeling you get… Read more →


Dungarees Truly,

When it comes to getting dressed, there is nothing better than celebrating a change in season with a new pair of dungarees. For me though, dungarees are forever casual. They are so much fun and extremely practical to wear. But if they are made of leather, suede, or even beige – they’d be trying to fit into the wrong criteria (get back to being… Read more →


For Every Bobble Head There’s a Nichols

It takes a full day for a shopping spree. You’ve got your list, your caffeine and your wallet stocked and ready to go. You’re wearing comfortable shoes and easy-to-remove clothes. And most of all, you’re overtly optimistic about the stores awaiting your arrival. You are going to shop until you drop. This post is not customer-oriented. From the store’s perspective,… Read more →


Versatile Summer Choices

During summer, dressing up becomes tremendously tedious. Its process no longer involves throwing a random jumper over your head and slipping into your go-to leather boots, while secretly shaming yourself for having worn the same outfit every time you have nothing to wear; which is most days. With various adventures lined up for you and your friends this summer, there is no doubt… Read more →

Burberry Flagship

Burberry’s No. 1

When everything ‘digital’ broke out, it was made to solve a problem: to make the lives of consumers easier. Today, anything with a URL address can be ordered and delivered from clothing to furniture to cars on E-Bay. The controversy in the fashion industry was that luxury brands thought that although technological innovation is moving forward, customers would still like to enter… Read more →