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A Time for Everything

What’s wishful thinking? Is it when you dream up a life that you want but seems impossible to achieve? Or, is it the future you dream of if everything thing goes exactly according to plan? There’s no wrong answer, but when you set your mind to the craziness of it all, there is a paradox. Since you finally know what you… Read more →


The Spirit of Travel

It’s generally known that the people of Generation Y value time over money, substance over style, and happiness over the expectations of reality. We care about the environment, we care about human rights, we care about how our future will look like, but most of all, we care about making memories that will leave us with full, ripe, and happy… Read more →


The Elegance of a Woman

It’s all very funny: the quotes, lessons, and books on how to be a lady; to remember to chew like you have a secret, to make sure your red lipstick doesn’t smear across your teeth, to say please and thank you – because women tend to forget. I understand these lessons are taught to us, ladies, by our parents when we… Read more →


James Dean

This is not a biography. James Byron Dean is the cultural symbol of a heartthrob that standardizes qualification standards for the entire male gender. It’s utterly dazzling how an American actor and professional racer can be a classic reference to this day. Read more →


The Iconic Elizabeth Taylor

If anyone knows a diamond’s worth it’s no one other than Elizabeth Taylor. Born in 1932, yet lives on till this day. Despite her born-to-be-an-actress character, she definitely had a hedonistic lifestyle involving men and…men. People idolized her yet still wanted to confine her within the limitations of societal norms. She is what women are today, brave but learning through their… Read more →


International Women’s Day

Happy international women’s day to all you girls out there! May the strive for gender equality forever progress. Let’s continue to raise awareness not just on March 8th but as often as possible. It took forty-plus years for gender equality to finally be achieved – and it’s moving at a gradual pace but slow nonetheless. Gender intelligence is what is going to break this… Read more →


What Karl Lagerfeld Really Thinks

During Fashion Week, reporters strive to deliver exactly what happened to the best of their abilities. To make the readers feel engaged, like they were there, and more importantly: to get a few quotes from the fashion world’s greatest designers. It’s all extremely fast-paced with discussions about materials, fabrics, and how hectic backstage was before actual call-time. This week though, Karl… Read more →