Confessions of Change & Crowds

I have a confession to make. You know how everybody used to have their secret outlet to crawl into when life got bitter for their taste? They’d begin to draw, sing, write music… anything to distract them from the curve balls that sometimes come their way. Inspiration used to strike us, and we wouldn’t go looking for it through different portals of the internet or social media. It resulted because of the kind of person we were, how we liked to spend time, with who we’d hang out with and how we made decisions that accumulated to form such a hobby. Today, we seem to struggle to find our passions as if we had a deadline. We don’t allow ourselves to be alone and discover our intuitions because we’re Gen Y multitaskers, too sarcastic – or perhaps too cynical to extract ourselves from the distractions of modern day technology. If we had, perhaps we could exclaim to the world “this is who I am!” without feeling dazed and confused about the path we are meant to take in life. Instead, we spend a shameful amount of time on Instagram and wonder how time flies. Soon enough, our passions become a reflection of our e-role models instead of our own; unrecognizable by default because of the crowded world we’re living in.

Having said that, fashion has been a pedestal to which girls dreamed of being a part of. The models were superstars, trends were unanimously adored, and fashion people (fashpeeps) stuck together. It was an exclusive bubble where if you worked hard enough, and loved it more than the Holy Grail; you’d have one shot. And you’d be careful not to blow it. In it is a world where creativity is challenged, because everyone in this industry loves fashion, style and glamour. After you are acknowledged as a fashperson, nobody cares anymore. Now is the time to walk the talk. There is a transcendent respect for fashion designers, editors, and contributors to the fashion world. Becoming one of them is entirely up to oneself. Although the internet has allowed us to stay interconnected, tuned in, and well-informed on any topic that peaks our interest – fashion or otherwise; I wonder, are passions becoming passions because we know about how popular they are, or because we crave to know about them? It is becoming incredulously claustrophobic to take on a journey where being in fashion is the end goal; being unique and standing out are two characteristics that have been demolished into thin megabytes. But in every problem lies an opportunity; it’s called: what you can offer them.

And this applies to everything.

It might seem borderline arrogant for one to think that a billion dollar commerce could be missing something. However, that sort of attitude is needed, if not required to keep up with the constantly changing environment. It’s what you see differently after all you’ve been exposed to, the conversations you’ve had, the brains you’ve picked to discover a missing ingredient and become a player in the board game of your choice. Once you roll the dice, your ideas may be just what they need. Regardless of how high the hierarchy goes, nobody constantly has the answer. Nor do they hold the authority over change, its an uninvited guest that commands attention; and one would be wise to give it. This doesn’t mean that the world owes you something. It just means that today, with all these different mediums available to us, and the fact that we hear more news updates about strangers than our own friends and family; it’s relatively easy to feel incompetent. Like you have one more thing that you need to figure out. It’s right there, except you can’t quite piece it together. In truth; it’s called anxiety. Remember, your destiny is irrevocably yours, and despite the voice at the back of your mind, you’re doing just fine.

So, what makes you tick? What would you love to do for the rest of your life? What would you keep fighting for? It might be fashion for some, and something else for others. More importantly, it’s about the concept behind it. Media has publicized every thought one can have, don’t let it drown yours out. It could be as minor or major as you choose it to be. Obstacles may get in your way, making it harder and more time-consuming to attain it. The question lies in pursuing it.

Here’s a quote that’s a tad dramatic but one I oh, so admire:

“You have all the weapons you need. Now fight.”

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